Our Values

Our Values

Respect. Transparency. These words are the heart and soul of ALBI le Géant’s philosophy. We work with a lot of heart, putting forth our values of transparency and respect every day. Our meticulous, systematic, human-centric working method is directly based on the Kaisen formula. Therefore we maximize our chances of finding and correcting mistakes while leaving us to stay focused on our main objective: your satisfaction.

These common objectives and values unite our team. We’re constantly growing because we take the application of our philosophy and values to heart on a daily basis. In the great ALBI team, every member has a specialty, and to give everyone a chance to grow in the company, we offer continuing training focused on the field of expertise of each member of the team, which helps us innovate and grow further. The same complementary training is offered to our new generation, to whom we’re proud to give the chance to reach their own objectives.

Our successes, past and present, have taught us a lot, and it’s on the basis of over 25 years of experience that we design our new projects today. One of our long-term objectives is to continue to develop our company’s full potential. Our ideas are innovative and turned to the future, so that we can contribute to the economic development of the regions where we are-or soon will be-established. These projects have one main objective: to serve you better.

At ALBI le Géant, you always get respectful, transparent service with a lot of heart!

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The ALBI Hyundai Châteauguay difference

At ALBI Hyundai Châteauguay, every day we learn, innovate, and do our best to honour the faith our customers have in us. We greet you with a smile in our human-scale dealership. With us, you get transparent, respectful and personal service.

We are automotive professionals, and we love the automotive world. Our hard-earned expertise and respectful, transparent service really do make all the difference at ALBI Hyundai Châteauguay. Browse our showroom at your own pace, in the company of a member of our team who’s happy to answer all your questions and tell you about the line of Hyundai vehicles.

At ALBI Hyundai Châteauguay, the service we offer is the kind of service we’d like to get everywhere. The best offers on Hyundai vehicles are here with us! And we also offer great financing options. The vehicle that truly meets your needs is here, at ALBI Hyundai Châteauguay.

The ALBI difference is in a multitude of details. Our unbeatable promotions and 2nd and 3rd chance credit with ALBI Auto Credit are some of those details that make all the difference. See the Promotions page or Financing page on our website for all the details.

The ALBI Hyundai Châteauguay difference is also a warm, courteous smile!

We’re expecting you!